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About Us

Angela Alfa was founded as a small company back in 1990 in the heart of Pelagonia. Since those humble beginnings we have expanded operations to include Import of high-quality pedigree heifers (cows), professional construction or equipping of objects with milk cows and heifers, fertilizers, professional milking, milking places and RTS systems, Irrigation systems - typhoons and aggregates, Mechanization in cattle-breeding field-mixer trailers, Premixes and vitamins in the field of pig breeding, cattle breeding and animal husbandry, Milking disinfectants and chemical detergents for washing the milking systems.
We serve a region with two millions of people that include everything from unincorporated neighborhoods to major regions. Our company has been – and still is – owned by local family focused on providing knowledgeable, courteous service and products you need to live a great life here in Macedonia.


Unique Value Driven Products and Services

We proudly carry a unique mix of major brands, private label products, and items by specialty vendors. If you need something for your farm we have. We also partner with top - notch companies to provide business solutions that make us even stronger.

With headquarters in Verden and regional centers in Meissen and Bad Zwischenahn, MASTERRIND assists more than 8,500 farmers with approximately 619,700 Herd Book cows of the Holstein breed and almost 11,000 Herd Book cows of different beef breeds.
Active in over 80 countries worldwide, we produce premixes, concentrates, nutritional concepts and functional feed ingredients for the animal feed industry.
Nutrition solutions
Системи за молзење - Milkline
Effective Solutions For Your Barn , Better Health Of Your Herd, Best Quality Of Your Job And Products For Your Highest Profit.
Agricow - Brushes
With the latest technological machines, we produce the right product for you, our valuable customers at an affordable price.
Already a specialist producer of hose reel irrigators and pump units, IRRIMEC is able to satisfy and supply its customers much wider range of requests.
Irrigation solutions
Kurt produces and sells high quality agricultural machinery and equipment to 21 countries and we offer high quality service to Turkish and world farmers with our dealers and services
Chess Brownies
Agritech is an Italian company located in the district of Brescia, specialized in the processing of fiberglass and selling its products in more than 50 countries all over the world.
In addition to the outstanding success of our experienced engineers and qualified staff, we are producing the latest technology CNC lathes with CAD / CAM support, central processing looms, modern dyeing plant, robotic welding section and laser cutting machines. The agricultural machines we manufacture are mainly used in the harvest-harvesting group.
Kayhan Ertugrul
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Community oriented

Angela Alfa is a thriving local business that regularly gives back to the community in a variety of ways. We do our best to be good stewards of the communities where we do business because we live here, raise our families here, and rely on customer loyalty to continue to be successful. We offer a superior experience because we genuinely care about our customers and focus on the products and services you actually need and want.

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