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Who we are and how we can help

Angela Alfa was founded as a small company back in 1990 in the heart of Pelagonia. Since those humble beginnings we have expanded operations to include Import of high-quality pedigree heifers (cows), professional construction or equipping of objects with milk cows and heifers, fertilizers, professional milking, milking places and RTS systems, Irrigation systems – typhoons and aggregates.

We serve a region with two millions of people that include everything from unincorporated neighborhoods to major regions.

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Also, we have mechanization in cattle-breeding field-mixer trailers, Premixes and vitamins in the field of pig breeding, cattle breeding and animal husbandry, Milking disinfectants and chemical detergents for washing the milking systems.

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Community oriented

Angela Alfa is a thriving local business that regularly gives back to the community in a variety of ways. We do our best to be good stewards of the communities where we do business because we live here, raise our families here, and rely on customer loyalty to continue to be successful. We offer a superior experience because we genuinely care about our customers and focus on the products and services you actually need and want.

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Our company has been – and still is – owned by local family focused on providing knowledgeable, courteous service and products you need to live a great life here in Macedonia.