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The major daily activities of a dairy cow are:

  • 50% lying
  • 21% eating
  • 13% milking

A cow produces more milk in comfort.

AGRICOW was among the first companies to produce mattresses for the welfare of the animal. From the beginning we found undeniable benefits: over 30% decrease of mastitis and increased milk production more than 20%.

We have three different models, designed and manufactured in compliance of Agricow tradition: a perfect mix between environment and economy, through the use of recyclable materials and high technology fabrics.

Ideal cow activity:

  • 4% drinking
  • 6% lock ups
  • 6% social
  • 13% milking
  • 21% eating
  • 50% lying


The AGRICOW Eco-Latex 5 cm. or 7 cm. Top Relax mattresses have been designed to ensure the right compromise between softness and resistance to loads, loss of balance and avoiding accidental falls. The particular structure of the AGRICOW Eco-latex mattresses always allows it to return to its original thickness.

The AGRICOW Eco-latex mattresses showed no sign of sagging even after 100.000 rounds of impact. Both the cover and the mattress with open cell structure, allow the passage of air under the animal while avoiding dangerous irritation of the breasts.

The AGRICOW Eco-Latex mattresses:

  • Reduces costs, maintenance work and cleaning times of cubicles
  • Improve the hygienic conditions
  • Reduces bacteria main cause of litter mastitis and environmental coli – 34%
  • Improves the condition of rest of the animals and their productivity + 20%
  • Reduces the risk of bruises
  • It is soft, comfortable and non-slip

Measures available:

  • 120x180x5 cm h.
  • 120x180x7 cm h. Top Relax
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The most recent result of constant research and development is the Agricow advanced motorized claw treatment crush with 4 motors for all the legs of the cow, to ensure greater comfort and safety both the animal and the operator.

The size of the machine, the ground cover with a rubber mat specifically designed, have been amended to provide greater comfort and tranquility in the animal operations.

It is manufacture internally in our factory in galvanized steel.

With the AGRICOWS’ motorized Crush you can complete a treatment every 5 minutes. The cows do not have time to move, shake and kicking. Bulky parts have been moved for greater ease of movement of the animal. Front bumper has been made on the opening for operator safety and a new system of opening and closing very fast and easy.

Very easy then, management ok the knees, whose angles were studied for natural movement, especially in order to avoid injuries to hocks, tendons and ligaments.

Claw treatment crush motorized | Angela Alfa

The ergonomics of the machine has been optimized, then, to offer the best performance for different sizes of animals, from bigger to smaller, like the possibility to adjust the rear roller.

For this reason, the lifting of the struts is crucial to managing the operations on the limb without effort and suffering.

The animal is placed on the front and does not in any way the power situation of the hind legs.

The development of the crush was made possible thanks the collaboration of a group of farriers operating in Lombardy: Mauro Castagnola, Angelo Rossetti and Ivano Chiti.

For this, we thank finally the company of brothers Chiappini Farm Bonny in Ghedi (Brescia), for the active cooperation especially with the availability of their best cows.

  • 4 Motor – 220 V
  • Length – 2.05 mt.
  • Height – 1.20 mt.
  • Width – 1.90 mt.
  • Weight – 450 kg.


Availability of water

  • The dairy cows need at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water per liter of milk produced
  • The amount increases as the diet is rich in proteins, salts and SS
  • With increase in temperature increases the water intake from 64 to 10° C will change to 106 when it exceeds the 40° C (NRC, 1981)
  • When the temperature rises in the absence of adequate sources of water reduces the ingestion of SS therefore falls milk production

How to stimulate a cow to drink more?

  • I have to ensure a sufficient number of drinkers: so for every animal there must be 10 cm of drinking water place per head
  • Water troughs should be 30 / 35 cm deep, with a range of at least 10 l/ min. (optimum 13)
  • Water troughs must be clean, and positioned in the shade in places easily accessible by the animals
  • There should be no more than 30 animals per drinker
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