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Joosten Milk

Rearing calves is all about creating the farm’s new dairy herd. A young heifer calf is the milking cow of the future. Cow productivity is determined in the first weeks of the calf’s life. There is a strong correlation between pre-weaning growth and overall milk production in lactation. Every extra gram of growth per day before weaning results in 5 extra liters of milk per lactation. Or in other words: 100 grams extra daily growth as a calf, results in 500 liters of extra milk per lactation.

Why feed Joosten Milk instead of cow milk?

1. Correct level of nutrients: breeding goals in dairy cows target lactation with high levels of protein and fat. This means that the levels of trace elements are suppressed. As a result, cow milk no longer fulfills the nutritional requirements of the young calf. In cow milk, the level of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements is too low. Adequate levels of these elements are necessary to ensure that all metabolic systems are functioning properly and are essential for building up immunity.

2. Supporting rumen development: the high fat level in cow milk means that the calf is rapidly saturated by drinking milk alone. The resulting reduction in dry feed intake suppresses rumen development.

3. Safety: feeding cow milk creates a possible risk of transmitting diseases from the cow to the young calf.

Joosten Milk Premium

For top growth results.

  • Protein 22%
  • Fat 18%

Use it when it is 4 days old.

  • Suitable for automatic feeding
  • Acidified for intestinal health
  • Rich in dairy ingredients
  • Top growth results
Joosten Milk Premium | Angela Alfa