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MilkClean Alka is a chloro-active, non-foaming, alkaline sanitiser with sodium hypochlorite. Indicated for recirculation or manual washing with sponges and brushes to remove protein substances, fats, starch, organic residue in a broad sense, and for sanitisation of all washable surfaces. The presence of organic sequestering additives makes the product also suitable for use with hard water.

MilkClean Acid is a non-foaming acid detergent with powerful descaling action. Particularly indicated to remove organic and mixed residual substances (milk stone) during recirculation or manual washing.


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Milkline - Rotary milking parlor | Angela Alfa

Parallel Rotary parlor

The external and rear milking systems have been developed to obtain maximum performance. For this type of Rotary parlor, the milking routine and waiting area need to be managed perfectly in order to guarantee regular and continuous animal access to the platform. This will lead to exceptional performance levels.

Parallel milking parlor

Traditionally, the Parallel milking parlor is ideal for modern companies focusing on efficiency and high-performance levels.

Milkline’s parallel milking parlor covers all needs, meeting the most different demands. Available versions come in the classic parallel stall with an inclined wing and simultaneous opening front barrier model and up to the front barriers with individual indexing. The advanced parallel model calibrates animal position by the combined action of the front barrier’s weight and a rubber damper. For stall installation in limited spaces, Milkline provides solutions with a vertical-opening barrier and, for 2.5 m wide platforms, a parallel solution with liftingsequential barriers and a traditional exit.

Milkline’s parallel solutions are characterised by their sturdiness and ease of installation. Available in a hot-dip galvanized steel structure, galvanized steel and stainless steel columns, and a stainless steel structure.

Milkline’s Parallel milking parlor offers full integration with Milkline’s milking solutions. You can adapt all types of milking control systems on this solution. From regular systems to the most advanced control systems (MilproP4C).

Milkline - Parallel milking parlor | Angela Alfa
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Herringbone milking parlor

The stalls in the Herringbone milking parlor have the advantage of perfect animal and teat control during the milking process.

Cows will also be able to stand in a comfortable space which naturally adapts to their shape.

The operator has complete access and visibility over the udder. This position allows to clearly and quickly highlight possible anomalies, allowing him to intervene easily.

The Herringbone milking stalls are especially indicated for parlors which might have limited space and medium-sized parlors.

They are the preferred option for farmers who want to maintain a degree of control over their animals.

Milkline’s Herringbone milking parlor comes in various models.


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MilproP4C operating scheme

  • MilproP4C control unit Quarter-based milking control and management.
  • Measurement of milk electric conductivity per quarter.
  • ServoPulseP4C – 4 independent pulsation channels.
  • Independent pulsation per quarter.
  • DynamicP4C – Quarter-based milking data.
  • FFS30 FreeFlow – Infrared technology flow sensor.
  • MEL1000 ICAR – approved milk meter.
  • Patented deflector with 4 independent conductometric cells and flow separator per quarter.
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Milkline - MilproP4C Operating Scheme | Angela Alfa
Milkline's MilproP4C | Angela Alfa